My contribution to Trek fandom
Spock TOS Trek
The fanart:

Spock remembers his mother Amanda and her love of roses, long after she has passed. Inspired by Aconitum-Napellus' Star Trek: Universe Around Me, on deviantart.
The inspiration:
This piece appeared in 2010 in "The K/S Art Project", a fanzine printed by Mkashef Enterprises.

It's probably out of print, but here's the info:
"The K/S Art Project"
a 90page zine filled with interior color and black & white art from the following artists with poetry and prose by Dovya Blacque including two short stories. Full color cover by Suzan Lovett.

$25.00 US; $27.00 Canada; $31.00 Europe; $35.00 Pacific*

Lorraine Bravig, Maureen Burns, Shelley Butler, Marilyn Cole, Merle Decker, Deeb, Gayle Feyrer, KOZ, Caren Parnes, Chris Soto and TACS.
New work: L.A. Adolf, Ashley, Diegina, HWF, Meg Kelly, Suzan Lovett, SuburbanAngst, Princess of Swords, Romanse, The Southern Cross and tvals01.
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Exquisite male/male tango
Spock TOS Trek
Los Hermanos Manaca are brothers Enrique & Guillermo DeFazio. The taller is 6'5" and the other is 6'2".

The brothers do a musical theater act onstage with live musical accompaniment. Very funny.

In NY's Times Square:

Not the brothers, but male/male dancers accompanied by singer Rufus Wainwright at a fashion show. Gorgeous.

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Spock TOS Trek
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